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Trade Ordering & Affiliate Program:

About our carvings:

The Bone Art Place represents some of New Zealand's best bone and jade artists. Our crafts people are very passionate about their work and will only sell hand crafted carvings of the absolute highest quality, both in workmanship and design.
Every carving is supplied with a traditional style cord, woven flax pouch and a detailed description of the meaning of the design.

If you are looking for exclusive, high quality bone and jade carvings, The Bone Art Place is where you will find them. If however you are looking for cheap, mass produced machine cut replica bone carving, there are a number of companies in Asia and India who can supply these for you.
We are seeking agents and retailers who are committed to genuine quality and service. You need to be as passionate about ethnic art as we are and understand that every carving has a meaning and a spirit of its own.

We have a full range of traditional and contemporary designs available. We are also able to customize existing designs to your specifications or create new ones on request.

There are currently three programs in place for buying carvings from the bone art place at wholesale rates.

1. Wholesale Buyer:

You would buy carvings from us in wholesale quantities at trade pricing for resale to your customers.
Access codes for our on-line wholesale price listing for order quantities up to 500 pieces are available on request. Larger orders can be priced by negotiation.
Order quantities are based on the total number of items ordered not the quantity per design.. For example if an order for 50 carvings is made up of just a couple each of many designs, the total order would qualify for the 50 plus discount rate.
Please contact us for special pricing on initial or sample orders.
We do not supply free samples.
Please check pricing when ordering as the range of designs available and pricing will change from time to time.

2. Affiliate Commissions:

If you would prefer to refer customers to our site rather than carry stock we have an affiliate program available paying 15% commission.
Find out more at: The Bone Art Place Affiliate Program

3. Drop Shipping:

If you would like to retail products but not carry stock we have a drop shipping program available. This is where you can sell the products and take payment then have us ship them direct to the client for you.
Find out more at: Drop Shipping Info

Custom Designs:

Custom or "one-off" designs featured on our web site are not part of the standard trade listing as they come and go very quickly.
If you do wish to purchase any of the existing custom designs featured, please contact us for a quote.  Custom carvings are sold strictly on a first come first served basis so if these pieces are of interest please keep a close watch on our site.

Wholesale Freight:

Freight is calculated on the total order rather than on individual items so would be much less than the retail rate shown on the site..
Mid to large commercial orders are always shipped by courier so that they are fully insured and tracked.  Small orders under approx $400 can be shipped by post on request.

Customs Duties or Import Taxes:

Whenever you import any goods into another country they are subject to customs inspection and possibly import duties.
As every country uses different rules we are not able to tell you what if any duties may be payable to your local customs service so we recommend you contact them to find out before importing goods.
There are often duty free limits so that if an order is under a certain value import fees are not charged.
As a genera rule we find that most packages shipped by courier will be inspected and if over the duty free limit customs duties will be payable.
"Most" packages shipped by post if not too large and not of  high value will pass through without customs inspection or duties payable.

Stock & Delivery Times:

Please note that as stated on the Web Site, we do not hold a huge stock of bone pieces (unless required for regular large orders) so initially there may be a lead time of approx fourteen days to have stock carved for the larger orders. However once we are aware of your preferred designs and order volumes we will hold sufficient stock aside for you to provide overnight dispatch on all but the largest of orders.
Most jade pieces however can be supplied ex stock so we would have them on their way in less than 24 hours.
Average airfreight delivery time is ten to fourteen days to the USA and Europe.
We can also deliver via Fed Ex if required. Please ask for a quote when placing your order.

Payment Terms:

Due to the small margin on these items and the cooperative nature of our network of craftspeople, we do not supply work on a "sale or return" or "payment on sale" basis. Your company would be required to order and pay for the goods in the first instance and then on-sell them to your retailers under your own terms and pricing structures.

Initially payment on wholesale and drop ship orders would be due before shipping the stock however after we have established a relationship and average ordering volumes for at least three months without problems we may be able to switch to invoicing on the 20th of the month.

For the reasons above, we do not as a general rule supply a range of "Free Samples" to retailers unless we have made special arrangements including minimum monthly order levels and a credit evaluation.

Credit Terms:

If a credit account has been approved, payment is strictly 20th of the month.
Should a credit account fall into arrears interest at a rate of 15% per month will be added to the balance due until the account is cleared.
If an account remains unpaid for a period of 2 months it will be referred for debt collection. All collection fees incurred (approx 45% of the amount due) will also payable by the debtor.

Satisfaction Guarantee:

If you or your clients are not 100% happy with any of the pieces in any way they can be returned within 30 days in original condition for a full "no questions asked refund" of the purchase price.
Unsold stock in original condition returned after 30 days will be accepted subject to prior approval only and will incur a 15% restocking fee.
Unsold stock in original condition returned after 12 months be will accepted subject to prior approval only and will incur a 30% restocking fee.

Trading Conduct and Representation of Bone Art Place Products & Artists:

We are very passionate about our craft work and insist that those who represent us do so in an appropriate manner.
For this reason we will be regularly checking your site for suitability to be a Bone Art Place agent and may decline or cancel an affiliate, drop shipper or wholesale account if we believe that you are:
- Misrepresenting our products or artists in any way.
- Using bulk unsolicited email (spam) to promote your site or our products.
- Misrepresenting your identity or claiming to be The Bone Art Place.
- Trading in an unethical manner.
- In payment arrears.
- Linking from or associated with a site which we believe carries inappropriate or illegal material.
- Using The Bone Art Place trading name without authorization or as a search term on any search engine, web site or directory.
- Using The Bone Art Place images or web site content without express permission to do so.

- We DO NOT offer exclusive territory or agency agreements.


We are in the process of updating our range of designs so until this is complete we will not be printing a new catalogue. At the moment all we have in the way of photos are those on the web site or a few larger ones that we can send via email.

Wholesale & Drop Shipper Newsletter:

We have a semi regular newsletter that introduces new work and artists as well as providing other useful information and links
When you sign up as a wholesaler or drop shipper you will be added to the newsletter mailing list.

If you are not getting your newsletters drop a note to don@boneart.co.nz and Don will make sure you are on the list and your details are correct.



Application for a trade account or credit line with The Bone Art Place is deemed to be full and unconditional acceptance of these trading terms

The Bone Art Place Contact Details:

+64 9 2785156
+64 9 2785699
Snail Mail
The Bone Art Place
P.O. Box 23-404
Hunters Corner
New Zealand

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